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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a popular line of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by the Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. The Land Cruiser is a Toyota Jeep-like vehicle that was first designed in 1951, with production starting in 1954. There are folding soft roofs, hard roofs, station wagons and utility vehicles. In many places, the term "Land Cruiser" has even become a generic term for off-road vehicles. The earliest Toyota off-road vehicle was called the BJ, because it used a 75 HP Type B 3.4-liter engine. When the Type F 3.8-liter engine replaced the Type B, the FJ was born. FJ means a jeep equipped with a Type F engine.

Toyota FJ40 is the collective name for the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series produced from 1960 to 1984. Roughly divided into BJ40/41/42 (short wheelbase), BJ43/44/46 (middle wheelbase) and HJ45/47 (long wheelbase). The most popular of the 40 series is the single-row two-door car.

As a well-known model all over the world, it has legendary status among off-road enthusiasts and is a classic that collectors flock to. In competition with other world-renowned off-road models of the same period, like CJ, Defender, Bronco and Scout, it has never fallen behind.

This 1/10 remote control climbing vehicle FJ40 presented by FMS uses an ABS hard body to accurately restore the shape and details of the real vehicle. The left and right doors can be opened, and the door hinge adopts the same metal hinge structure as the real car. The roof can be removed and transformed into a compact pick-up. The hood can be opened, and hidden below are the 35T 550 motor, high-quality brushed ESC and receiver.

1.9" climbing tires allow for good grip on all terrains. The four-link suspension system ensures a larger shock absorber stroke and better pass-ability. Metal trapezoidal beams provide a solid supportive structure. Even with the ABS hard body and full interior, the vehicle can easily overcome extreme road conditions. The real FJ40 uses leaf spring suspension. For those who pursue extreme simulation, the chassis can be installed with leaf spring suspension (sold separately) to restore the style of the real vehicle. Pursuing the needs of climbing performance and restoration seems to be impossible, but through the compatible design of the chassis and the replacement of a few accessories, it can take on a completely different shape.

Ready set
Ball bearings full set
Hard body
Hood can be opened
Both side doors can be opened
Tailgate can be opened
Super exquisite interior
Soft rubber seat
Steel c-channel frame
Four link suspension
Leaf spring suspension (sold separately)
1.9-inch at tyre
35T 550 motor

Length: 571mm
Width: 268mm
Height: 326mm
Wheelbase: 339mm
Tyre F/R: Φ 115mm
Approach Angle: 65°
Departure Angle: 40°
Ground Clearance: 82mm
Motor: 35T 550 Brushed motor
Remote control distance: 80m
Remote control: 2.4GHz Transmitter (Fibre Style) & Receiver Set

1 x 1:10 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 RS
1 x 2.4GHz Radio
1 x 2-in-1 Receiver / 40A ESC (installed)
1 x 550 Brushed Motor (installed)
1 x 9g Plastic Digital Servo (installed)
1 x 15kg Metal Digital Servo (installed)
1 x Product Manual

AAA Batteries for Radio
Battery for Kit (recommended 2S LIPO 5000mAh XT60 plug, MAX 3S 5000mAh XT60)