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Flysky NOBLE NB4 Pro 2.4ghz 18CH Transmitter & Receivers



Flysky NOBLE NB4 Pro 2.4ghz 18CH Transmitter & Receivers

If no one dares to challenge the traditional and make a breakthrough.
Who will start a new era?

Flysky kickstart this era with the new generation of Noble NB4 Transmitters, the Noble NB4 Pro is an 18 Channel "All-Terrain Control" Super Performance Surface Transmitter, Using an advanced transmitter technology, to help you conquer all-terrain surfaces with your fleet!

The 2CH (extreme speed) mode breaks through our limit of latency and opens up a new range by using the new radio frequency library algorithm. The multi-dimensional adjustable and expandable system and new ergonomic design
brings you an unprecedented new experience with the ultimate remote control!

Noble Pro supports 7 channel modes, that is, 2ch (extreme speed), 4ch, 6ch, 8ch, 10ch, 12ch, and 18ch.
The 2CH (extreme speed) mode, along with the latest SR/SFR servo mode 1, allows us to once again successfully break through the previous 3 ms* latency limit.
The FCC high power firmware with a more reliable new RF library makes Noble Pro's range increased by 50 m* compared to NB4 (standard firmware).
The maximum ground remote control distance can reach 350 (Meanwhile, it supports the RF module relay
station solution 2. As a result, the ground range can easily exceed 1 KM*)
The multi-battery system supports wireless charging, with a super battery lasting capability for more than 10 hours* in the RC marathon-similar distance.
In the standard configuration, the thumb can implement the infinite knob adjustment through two left and right steering wheels, to achieve high-level play (for example, climbing, a turnaround in a very small radius, and vertical upward/downward movement in slopes, etc.) in the breaking transmission in ratio without loosening the throttle and steering wheel.
Noble Pro will let you control whatever they are, for example, gears, overhead lights, wipers, seat adjustment, steering wheel rotation, hood switch as long as you need.
In addition to the NB4 Brake Mixing and Programming Mixes, the 4WS Mixing, Track Mixing, and Drive Mixing are added for the first time.
When you face different complex terrains, Noble Pro can perfectly help you complete every precise driving operation.
The new channel speed segmentation function allows you to set the channel speed in three segments to meet the special needs of high-speed vehicles (drag racing).
It supports the cruise control function. Therefore, you can easily set the fixed speed and enjoy the play.
Noble Pro supports the dual receivers (AFHDS3 enhanced version) with any combination.
The standard configuration is the compact FGR4B and FGR8B.
Support for 9 types of AFHDS3 receivers for 3 different applications (vehicles and boats): different number of channels (4CH—12CH), different sizes, two antenna types (built-in/external), different waterproof grades (PPX6/PPX74), gyroscope functions (GMR+GY01 /INr4-GYB), and built-in special functions (IBUS2 function, Newport function and BVD battery voltage detection function).
Noble Pro supports temperature, voltage and speed sensors (both magnetic and light induction). The transmitter can display information such as receiver supply voltage, RSSI and signal strength in real-time.
Three built-in high-performance processing chips allow Noble Pro to have an unprecedented performance boost.
New dazzling UI brings you a more user-friendly touch experience.

Product Model: NB4 Pro
Product Name: Noble Pro
Channels: 2(Fast),4,6,8,10,12,18 Optional
Model Type: car, boat, robot
RF: 2.4G
RF Power: < 20 dBm
2.4GHz Protocol: AFHDS3
Distance: >300m ( without stand)
Channel Resolution: 4096
Battery : 1S/ (4.2V) lithium polymer battery+18650 dual battery
Charging Interface: Micro USB + wireless charging
Low Voltage Warning: <3.65V
Antenna Type: Built-in single antenna
Display: HVGA 3.5-inch TFT colour screen, resolution 320*480, LCD white backlight, capacitive touch screen
Simulator: USB Simulator
Data Interface: Micro USB
Temperature Range: -10 ° C - + 60 ° C
Humidity Range: 20%-95%
Online Update: support
Transmitter Color: Metallic titanium colour + silicone black
Dimensions (length x width x height): 120*144*274 mm
Bodyweight : 670g(include stand)
Certification CE, FCC ID: N4ZFG400, MIC, RCM
Package Includes:

FlySky NB4 Pro with NB4 Charging Bank (Can be used as a portable charger)
FGr4B Receiver
FGr8B Receiver
Protective Carry Case/Transmitter Box
XL Handle Grip
Left Steering Wheel (Allows you to switch from the Right Steering Wheel)
Left Steering Wheel Sponge
Wireless Charging Base
Back Bracket
Throttle Trigger Adjustment Block
Sticker Set
Hand Strap
Adjustment Knob
Plastic Throttle Trigger Adjustment Block
2.5mm Wrench
1.5mm Wrench
Colour: Black