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The Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Refined features a UHD camera with a 1/1.3″48MP CMOS image sensor and F1.85 lens. It can record 4K@30fps videos with up to 200Mbps. It comes with onboard 64GB memory for local recording.

Thanks to the Sync Leas 4.0 communication, the Refined edition has a range of 15 km, which is 5KM longer than its predecessor had. In terms of battery life, it can hover for up to 36 minutes or fly for 40 minutes in optimal conditions (no wind).

The fourth-generation flight control technology further improves the learning and adaptability to environmental interference, especially the redundant error correction ability of GPS data, and greatly improves the flight stability of aircraft in complex electromagnetic environments.

Its second-generation visual obstacle avoidance system (SVOA 2.0), improves the self-correction ability of the whole visual system and improves the reliability and stability of the obstacle avoidance through the dynamic fusion of the multi-channel data.

The Zino Mini Pro Refined is probably the first drone in its weight class with an optional 4G communication. The module is installed on top of the flight battery and is connected to the USB port.

4G technology can improve the wireless link stability of drones when flying at low altitudes. Syncleas 4.0 will cooperate with the 4G network to ensure that the drone can cover more abundant flight scenes. If SyncLeas4.0 image transmission is interfered or blocked, the system will automatically activate the 4G link to ensure that your aircraft control is not interrupted.

Cool carbon fiber finish and compact size with folding arms.
4th Generation Flight controller.
Second Generation Obstacle Sensing system.
ATVT 3.5 Tracking\Following system.
Sync Leas 4.0 15km Digital video transmission + Optional 4G GSM communication.
3rd generation smart battery with up to 40 minutes of operation time.
1/1.3″ 48MP F1.85 CMOS camera with 4K@30fps video recording.
Up to 200Mbps video bitrate.
3-axis mechanical gimbal image stabilization.
Blockbuster video mode and Super Night modes.
Three batteries.

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Update 21 October 2019: Drone and model aircraft registration and education service is mandatory from: 30 November 2019

Anyone responsible for a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) weighing between 250g and 20kg will need to register as an operator. The cost for this will be £9 renewable annually.

Anyone flying a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) weighing between 250g and 20kg will need to take and pass an online education package. This is free and renewable every three years.

As per CAA guidelines, any drone lower than 250g in weight, but inclusive of a camera must be also be registered. Click here for drone registration requirements as outlined by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Both of these requirements become law on 30 November 2019.

From 5 November 2019 the system will be available at

For full details please visit:

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The Dronecode:

When you fly a drone in the UK it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. Follow these simple steps to make sure you are flying safely and legally.

Full details of the Drone Code:

We recommend you visit the CAA website for full information on safe and responsible flying.

The Civil Aviation Authority website (UK):