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FLYSKY FS-CVT01 External voltage sensor



Flysky Voltage Collection Telemetry Sensor FS-CVT01

Add real time voltage telemetry to your FlySky i6 / i6S radio with this voltage sensor and never over discharge a LiPo again!

The sensor is easily installed; attach the sensing pins to the main battery or power distribution board and plug the 3 pin connector into the telemetry port on a compatible FlySky receiver.

That's it, you'll have a real time voltage readout on your transmitter. You can then configure low voltage alarms to tell you when to land if you wish.

The sensor is compact and lightweight, so it'll be no problem using it on small quads.

Brand Name: Flysky
Item Name: FS-CVT01
Acquisition voltage range: -100 ~ 100V DC
Accuracy: 0.1V DC
Input Power: 9mA (TYPE)
Number of series: 15 (MAX)
Weight: 6.0g (12g with wires)
Input Power: 4.0-6.5V DC
Dimensions: 31 * 15 * 8.5 mm
Colour: Black
Detection of anti-anti-function terminal: Yes (reverse will show a negative value)
Suitable models: car / boat / aircraft
Adaptation receiver: iA6B (directly), iA10 requires a conversion line,sold separately

Small compact sensor
Great for monitoring battery voltage, no need to set timers anymore
Program low voltage alarms
Works with FS-i6, FS-i6S transmitters